Radiance Gold No. 2 – Mare – Various Sizes

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Radiance Gold Mare Formula is a unique combination of Actisaf pre and probiotics and natural antioxidants. These key ingredients together can provide support to maintain a healthy gut environment. With added Chaste Tree Berries (agnus castus).

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Contains saccharomyces cerevisiae, Actisaf approved digestability enhancer
Provides herbs that are renowned for their soothing, calming and cleansing effect on horses PLUS electrolytes
Highly palatable added electrolytes
Manufactured in a BETA NOPS audited facility
Feed hygiene establishment GB708A0003
Shake well before use
Agnus castus has long been used with the needs of mares and older horses in mind. The mare formula contains Radiance Gold original with added chase tree berries, this is for particularly hormonal mares, rigs and stallions. Radiance Gold Mare formula is not recommended for mares in foal.

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