Panacur Equine Guard

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Panacur Equine Guard 10 % Oral Suspension is a ready to administer oral anthelmintic for horses. This product can be easily administered by mixing with grain or concentrate feed. The full daily dosage must be given as one administration. 

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A white, aqueous suspension. Each 225 ml bottle contains 10% w/v fenbendazole. For use in Horses and other equines. For the treatment and control of benzimidazole susceptible adult and immature roundworms of the gastro-intestinal tract in horses and other equines. The product is effective for the treatment and control of encysted mucosal 3rd and 4th stage small strongyle larvae and is also effective against encysted inhibited 3rd stage small strongyle larvae in the mucosa. The product is also effective in controlling other immature and mature roundworms including large redworm (Strongylus edentatus and Strongylus vulgaris) and migrating large redworm, Ascarids (Parascaris equorum), Oxyuris and Strongyloides species and benzimidazole-susceptible adult and immature small strongyles. Panacur Equine Guard also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs. One 225 ml bottle is sufficient to treat a 600 kg horse once daily for 5 days. Not for use in horses intended for human consumption. 

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