Cotswold RAW Complete Cat Mince – 500g – Various Flavours


Cotswold RAW complete meals provide all the building blocks for a natural and biologically appropriate raw diet for your cat.

Cotswold RAW easy to portion mince is made in the Cotswolds using fresh ingredients and Cotswold RAW aim is to deliver the convenience of a processed food with all the health benefits of a fresh and varied raw diet. High in protein, vitamins, minerals, essential amino & fatty acids and the natural enzymes required for a happy and healthy life.

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Cotswold RAW Complete Cat meals are made in the Cotswolds using fresh ingredients including raw meat, bone and offal. Formulated for cats, using Cotswold RAW own supply chain of raw ingredients and includes “Raw Aid for Cats”. A high specification nutritional supplement from the experts at GWF Nutrition.

It’s designed to help cats thrive on a raw diet and contains 26 essential daily vitamins & minerals for optimum health & wellbeing.

· Supports growth & development – includes folic acid, magnesium, phosphorous & vitamin B2.

· Supports heart health & a strong immune system – with taurine, carnitine, vitamin D3, vitamin E and zinc to support your cat’s first line of defence.

· Supports cognitive health & eyesight – includes choline, vitamin A and vitamin B6

· Supports general health & wellbeing – with high levels of coconut & seaweed meal and omega 3.

· Formulated with protected minerals to increase the bio-availability of important nutrients.


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