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A unique combination of natural herbal ingredients, blended to make a soothing, antiseptic
wash for both human and animal use.


Instructions: Shake well. Dilute two capfuls of Botanica Cleansing Wash in approximately a litre of warm water. Bathe the area with a cloth or sponge. Avoid rinsing it off, instead let it soak in for a few minutes, and towel dry the area. It can be used on broken skin and insect bites. Instructions: After using the Botanica Cleansing Wash, apply the Botanica Herbal cream twice daily.

Ingredients: Water based moisturiser, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Lavender. Pets / Small Animals: Use the cleansing wash diluted 2 capfuls per 1 litre of warm water. (Do Not Rinse Off.) Allow to air dry or towel dry. Apply the Herbal Cream twice per day. This will treat a variety of skin ailments with the animal and promote healthy skin. In Small animals like cats and dogs (all pets) the wash will treat Fleas/ Ticks, Dog Acne, Sore Pads, mange, Itchy Skin, Ear Mites, Ear Infections, Ringworm. Horses: Use the Cleansing Wash diluted 2 capfuls per 1 litre of warm water. (Do Not Rinse Off.) Allow to air dry or towel dry. Apply the Herbal Cream twice per day. Aids in the treatment of Sweet Itch/ Summer Eczema, Washing down Ponies/ Horses after work, Capped Hocks, Mud Rash and Cracked Heels, Sore Backs, Cuts and wounds, Rain Scald, Girth Scalds, Fistulous withers, Mallenders/ Sallenders, Mites/Ticks Treatment.

Cattle: Sore feet, (dilute 80 parts water to one part wash 80:1) to treat digital dermatitis and as a preventative. When the cows are in the milking parlour the Cleaning Wash can be diluted 20:1 and sprayed directly onto the foot, then apply the herbal cream. Use to prevent itching and scratching on the body. Use to aid in the treatment of Sunburn/ Teat Dip (dilute 40:1) and Ringworm.

Sheep: Use on Dog Bites diluted 20:1 Do Not Rinse Off. Dilute 10:1 for treatment of Foot Scald, Orff, Fly Strike, Ringworm.

GENERAL ANIMAL USES: Aids in the treatment of Ringworm, Warts, Blackspots, Sarcoids, Angleberries. For Cleansing Wounds, Infected stiches and tears, Caesarians, Treats Itching and Scratching, Maggots, Hair Loss.

Any questions please email us enquiries@botanica.ie

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